Dear Applicants,


In 2018 we recruited volunteers for constructing sustainable, solar buildings in Zangla. The application period for the 2018 summer season ended on 25th January 2018. Thank you for your extraordinary interest in our program! You will be informed about the time of the second round interview as well as the result of these interviews by mid-March.


The number of volunteers
To control our impact on the fragile local society and the environment, we are limiting the number of volunteers staying there at one time in 15 people.


Program period
There will be one group in July and one in August staying there one month each. Please note that traveling from Delhi to Zangla may take anywhere between 5 to 10 days, so altogether you should be able to allow 6-8 weeks of free time.


Please note that all the traveling costs to and from Zangla are covered by the volunteers. We are estimating a minimum of 1300 Euros that should cover the air flight to India and the overland trip to Zangla two ways.
Homestay and daily meal contribution will cost you 200 Euros for 4 weeks, including two meals a day with a local family, a Csoma’s Room T-shirt, a Calendar at the end of the year, and a Certificate about your work. This should be transferred to Csoma’s Room Foundations bank account or Paypal account after the confirmed selection, but before traveling.


Application: 28.12.2017 – 25.01.2018.
Decision deadline #01: 19.02.2018.
Interviews: 22.02.2018. – 11.03.2018.
Decision deadline #02: 15.03.2018.



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